Sunday, 23 February 2014


OK here is the first Beneluxx Reggae Contest Mixtape ever.

Give thanks to all the artists,massive & crew.

Special shout out to Babybang for the mastering.

The entire family.
The entire family

I also would like to thank for the promotional support.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Soundchat with Killamanjaro.

Soundchat with Freddie Krueger from Killamanjaro (JA) at Garance  Reggae Festival (FR).
Give thanks 2 Irie Nation for this!


Bless Up!

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Thursday, 4 July 2013


MEKITBURN...Ready for some late summer madness with some talented artists & musicians.

Our organisation is build on a solid foundation of mutual respect & friendship.
We share the same relentless inner fire & passion for music & bringing people together in a unique location.Near Brussels Belgium.

Check out the special by Original Uman Dancehall Punk 4 our crew.

                      Check out our brand new poster for 2013.

ALL INFO: 2013.

Summer 2013!

Summer 2013,things looking brighter than ever!!

Supersonic takes 'The King Of Europe Soundclash' in Vienna, the 'Keep It Real Jam' Soundclash in Germany & 'Caribbean Cup Clash' in Trinidad also.

Blessed to be a part of this.
My Supersonic story began in 98' buying some mixtapes in a little tent on the Summerjam Festival.
I hadn't the smallest clue where this would take me in the future.
Girlfriends & relations come & go but this love is unconditional.
Supersonic Sound 4 life & beyond.

Big up all promotors & sounds involved.
Mad respect!

Peng to di bloodclaat PEEENG!!!!